Portfolio Template

            Portfolio Template is an excel based software to compute capital gain tax on shares using  FIFO (First In First Out) Method as per income tax act 1956.
It provides one of the simplest and easiest way classify income from share trading between Speculative , Short Term &  Long Term Capital Gain.
Simple Invoicing

            Handling Invoices was never this easier. Using Simple Invoicing excel based software you can easily create invoices and record payments against this invoices. Fetching a "balance due" report is just a 1 click job.
        It specially designed for non-inventory transaction like services of CA's

Due Date Management

            Is remembering due dates for all your client a time consuming task for you? Not any more. With the use excel based Due Date Management software you can easily set due dates for various task and associate them with multiple clients. You can also go marking each individual client task as completed and never miss task of any client.


            Bored.......?  Have a little fun.  A little brain teaser when you haven't solved it. A little friend teaser when you have solved it. A Small game to arrange number 1 to 9 in such a way that that total from all sides is 15. 
Equated Monthly Installment      Another EMI calculator ?  No not at all....

Here is a calculator which is not just one of the most accurate but has features that you won't find in any another calculator. 
    1) Make Early Payments and see exactly what difference it makes.
    2) Change interest rate between your term and see what difference it makes.
    3) Compute your tax benefit based on your slab. 

Calculator with Increasing / Decreasing Installment, Change of EMI with Change of Interest are also available.  read more ...
Share Price Download

Download share prices of stocks of your choice in excel using a single click.
Bank Summary Report
            Do you have to spend long time with your (clients) bank statement just to classify income & expenditure and making totals. This Software will make your task a little easier. Classify your entries and generate report at a Income & Bank Report at a click.