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Due Date Management

                    Task Reminders !!! they are everywhere Outlook, Mobiles, Android etc..

Due Date Management is not just another reminder. It's a reminder for your office task. Specially if you are a Chartered Accountant or have a similar kind of work. What's the difference?  In an Normal Task Reminder you need to add each task individually along with it's recurrence. That mean lot's of input even though you may have to insert same date again and again. 

    Imagine a CA's office you have due dates for Income Tax, VAT , Audit etc and returns of many client needs to be before the due date. Now all the deadlines will not be applicable to all the client and all the task won't be completed at the same time. Here is a simple solution to manage all this.

Due Date Management is a simple excel based software that helps you in managing due dates of all your clients. Here is how it works.

1st you add statutory due dates for various task in the system. You can create as many as you want and set any date for them. 
2nd Now you add clients and associate each client with due dates that are applicable to him/her.

You are Done !!! Now you can simply pull a report that will give you all the task that need to completed in specific period of time. Go on marking each task as completed and continue this process.

Year Change ? No problem simple add a year and all the task for previous year will get copied in the new year.


Due Date Management version 1.01.xls  (360k)
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