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Portfolio Template

                Portfolio Template is an excel based software to compute capital gain tax on shares using  FIFO (First In First Out) Method as per income tax act 1956. It provides one of the simplest and easiest way classify income from share trading between Speculative , Short Term &  Long Term Capital Gain.

            Using this spreadsheet is as easy as pressing few buttons. You just need to input your transaction in the transaction sheet and run the computation (Press Buttons) one by one.
            The spreadsheet will sort your transaction and start computing gain on your each transaction by FIFO method. This gain will be classified as speculative if it's intra-day or a short sell transaction, as a short term if sale took place within 1 year from the date of purchase and long term if the sale is after 1 year.

            Once done spreadsheet will summaries your gain for each financial year so that you can compute your capital gain tax after adjusting losses for previous years if any. It also facilitates a holding statement which will list down your current portfolio is stocks. In this sheet you can see the stocks you hold and their cost. Not just that, you can update the current market price of your stock by just pressing a single button for computing your portfolio value and unrealised gain.


            This spreadsheets also takes cares of your corporate action such as Bonus Shares, Split of Shares, Sale of Rights and Dividends. More than that it also does special adjustments like Dividend stripping u/s 94 (7). 

            The fun just does not ends hear when you can verify computation of your capital gain as this spreadsheets facilitates transparent calculation that you can check and make adjustments if required.

Portfolio Template version 2.02.04.xlsm (320k)


Portfolio Template Professional Version also Available

            A Professional Version of Portfolio Template is also available. The following are additional features of the the Professional version
  • Supports 11000 rows
  • Calculates at the speed of (10x) compared to the 2.02 version
  • Progress bar gives status update
Please Note:
The font of this spreadsheet is set of Currency with Indian Rupee symbol.  If the same appears as [?] on your system you can download the Microsoft update from the following link.