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Simple Invoicing

          Excel Invoicing version 1.01 is a simple Invoicing software that helps in billing your customers and recording payments against the bills raised. It also facilitates balance due report which shall assist you in fetching the amount due from your customers. The current version is specially designed for Chartered Accountants keeping their services in mind, however the same can be customized for different requirements.

Using the Invoicing Template is simple. First you need to go to tables and set the name of organisation, list of customers, Billing Income groups & Areas. 

Press New - Select the organisation & Are you wish to generate the bill for.  You will notice a new bill number is generated.
Now select the customer and start adding particulars of the bill. For adding particulars select the income group is the first column and type details in the second column. you will be able to insert values against the details.

Once done you can save the bill by pressing the save button. 

Similarly you can Edit the bill by loading an existing bill and saving it after making changes to it.

You can make payments & generate an balance due report in the next two sheets.



Simple Invoicing version 1.01.xls (355k)

Please Note:
The font of this spreadsheet is set of Currency with Indian Rupee symbol.  If the same appears as [?] on your system you can download the Microsoft update from the following link.