Thank You

            The process of learning never ends. The more you learn the more you come across thinks that are wonderful to learn. Learning coding (Development) has been a similar journey for me. Using this page i would like to thank all those people who have in some or the other way help me or encouraged me in learning ahead.

Below is a small list among many that I would like to mention as it will help other also.

1) Mr Chip Pearson   -
        This website provides some very useful piece of codes in Excel and VBA. Mr Chip works as a consultant and provides assistance whenever required.

2) Microsoft's  MSDN website
        A bit difficult to understand, but provides with very useful information.

3) Google
        Google for the world best search engine and many other services like this website.

4) Unknown Authors
        There are many persons on web that have uploaded some free spreadsheets along with their source code. This codes comes very handy and are of great help while developing a template.

5) CA Club India
        CA Club India provides a beautiful platform to share knowledge and file.

6) Tax N Accounts -
        Tax N Accounts for providing valuable information on on Dividend stripping.

In Addition, I would like to thank my friends and colleagues for their support and critics.